Joey S and I headed back up to the Catskills this weekend. We fished the West Branch on Friday afternoon. The fishing was steady we fooled a dozen fish before dark.
 Got up early Saturday morning and fished the Beaver kill. The water was 64* and 285 CFS, Perfect! We landed between 15 and 20 fish, the largest was 14″. Most of the fish were 8″ to 11″ with a good mix of wild Brown and Bows.
Left the Rosco area about 10:30 and headed out to Deposit on the West Branch. We fished around the 17 bridge, landed a few decent fish but the moss was coming down heavy and you could only get a few drifts before you needed to clean your bug off.
Left Deposit and headed down to Hale Eddy Bridge. We lit the place up right away, the Bows were on Caddis and Light Cahill’s. Most of the fish we landed were under 12″ , we hooked and lost several really nice fish before Dark.
Sunday, Shehawken Boat launch was our first stop, we couldn’t guilt these two Eastern European Guy’s into letting a pair of 20+ inch Browns Go. We were sick to our stomachs and left for home by 10:30.
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