3-6-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Joe P., Joe S. and I fished the Califon area today. The water was running at 114 most of the day. It was super clear, and still struggling to hit the 40* mark. The fish are spread out into most of the runs and pools from Califon down into the Gorge. Saw quite a few Stone flies and Grey Midges, mid day. We hooked around 40 fish throughout the day, with a couple Picture fish landed and lost. Great day on the water!Read more

3-5-16 South Branch Raritan

Guided Kenny F. over on the South Branch today. We started above Hoffman's Bridge and finished up, down in the Gorge. Kenny has really picked up on the Subtle takes the fish were laying on him. One out of 4 takes was obvious, the others barely moved the float. Good line control and a quick set, landed him a bunch of nice Rainbows.  Great job Kenny!Read more

2-27-16 to 2-28-16 Weekend in Califon

It was an awesome weekend of fishing up in the Califon area. The water was up and had great color. Temps are still not up enough to get the bugs popping but we did see a few stoneflies and BWO later in the afternoon. The Gorge got pretty crowded both day's, and parking tickets were fling on most of the cars that couldn't find a regular spot in the top parking lot. I fished with a gang of friends and a couple family members, Great time had by all. Here are a few highlights…Read more

2-28-16 Ken Lockwood Gorge

I guided Richard down through the top of the Ken Lockwood Gorge this morning. The water temp was 36* with pretty good color, the flow was at 206 cfs. Richard dug out 7 or 8 nice bow's, and got quite a bit of Gopro footage. Beautiful day to be out fishing!  Thanks for the Business Richard!Read more

2-20-16 Ken Lockwood Gorge

Here's a shout out from the little man! Andrew D sounds like he had a great day on the river. "Today I fished the gorge, starting at around 9:30. The water was a warm 40 degrees, and the rainbows were fired up. Fished from the top parking lot down to just past the middle lot in the gorge, managed about 16 fish with a few others lost. Continued on to fish an upstream flat at about 3:30, had the opportunity for some good sight fishing to some larger rainbows. Eggs, small emergers, and…Read more

2-21-16 Bushkill Creek

I fished the Buskill near Crayola warehouse in PA this morning, water was up and had great color. Landed 5 nice fish with this starved out, stocked brown,  that went easily 22". He ate a sucker spawn, the other 4 fish ate a 18 soft hackle Grey Stone fly. Didn't see any Stone flies, lots of midges! Headed back over to Jersey in the afternoon, fished the south branch till dark. The water temp was up near 40 at 2:30, flow was around 100 cfs, fish were flashing everywhere. I did well on soft hackles and midges,…Read more

2-20-16 South Branch of the Raritan- Afternoon

I guided Kenny F. this afternoon on the South branch of the Raritan, near Califon. Kenny is fairly new to the Fly fishing Scene, but picked up the key points to catching fish very quickly. He is a dedicated outdoorsmen, and fly fishing is another sport I'm sure he will master. Great spending the afternoon with you Kenny!Read more

2-20-16 South Branch of the Raritan

I spent a few hours back over Joe S's shoulder this morning. We worked on long distance mending. Joe really tightened up his form and he was off to the races. Always a pleasure working with someone who wants to perfect their techniques. Thanks Joe!Read more

2-7-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Zach and I fished the Califon area today, water conditions were awesome! Ran into a few friends and everyone was catching fish.  THANKS SHANNONS!  And also to all of people who donated funds to make the winter stocking possible. Good to get out with my Son and a bunch of our friends and everyone be on fish. No Bubba sighting yet.Read more

2-6-16 Little Lehigh

Headed over to PA this morning with Donny S. for a few hour guided trip. Donny has been fly fishing the area for a couple years and wanted to learn a few new techniques for fishing the limestone creeks. The water conditions were great, up and off color. Donny is very proficient with his equipment and that made for a great day on the water. Thanks for the business Donny!Read more