5-14-16 South Branch of the Raritan River

After grabbing some lunch, I met up with Jay and Kevin and headed back into the Gorge for an afternoon guided trip. Both Jay and Kevin are fairly new to fly fishing, but these guys came ready to catch fish, and that they did!    The water was clearing off quickly and the fish started to lock down on bottom. With new fly rods in hand the boys settled into a few of the faster runs in the middle stretches of the Gorge. We began to pick away at the hungry ones, they each got…Read more

5-14-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Today's trip will definitely go down as one of my most enjoyable! The combination of great friends, great weather and great fishing condititions add up to a great Memory! Stephanie, Andrew and Gary held up their end by catching many fish, the genuine camaraderie made the Memory unforgettable!Read more

4-24-16 Little Lehigh

I took a ride over to one of my favorite Limestone creeks, in the Allentown area this morning. What I found were a bunch of stocked fish that had Migrated up or down into a stretch that doesn't get stocked. I didn't mind, they were hunger and charged up.Read more

4-21-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Fished with Hugh G. this afternoon down in the Gorge. We both hooked a few good fish, this one made its way into my Net! I can't tell how much it means to me to see this caliber of fish holding over and thriving! Conditions are slim, we need rain.Read more

4-20-2016 South Branch of the Raritan

I got back over Kyle R's shoulder this afternoon in the Gorge. Its been many months since he has been out to fish with me. I'm happy to say he was dialed in right away! Nice job Kyle! looking forward to our next outing!Read more

4-15 to 4-17-16 Penn’s Creek

  Joe P, Joe S. and I headed out to Penn's Creek this past weekend. We started on the upper stretches near Coburn. Friday morning around 9:30 the Grannom Caddis started to come off. It didn't take long for the fish to start chasing them to the top. The fishing was so good we didn't even stop to eat lunch. It was by far the biggest and best caddis hatch I have ever seen, and may ever see again. It never even slowed down all day, we landed 85 fish between the three of…Read more

3/25-4/3 Easter Week Fishing

I was off from work, from Good Friday through this past Sunday. Over that time there was a lot of fishing going on. Me and the Boy's headed into PA for a few day's. We fished 5 different rivers and found great fishing on all of them. Joey S and I, each landed at least one picture fish.  Jersey TCA stretches were stocked up and were producing big numbers of fish. We ( Joe P., Andrew D., Joey S., Kenny F.,) all had double digit fish numbers each day, with a few Picture fish added…Read more

3-20-16 Tulpehocken and Little Lehigh Creek

Joe S and I fished the Tully and Little Lehigh today. We started off out in Reading on the Tulpohocken. The water flow was around 225 cfs temps were in the upper 40's with a bit of color. The first hour or so was slow, but as the bugs woke up so did the fish. We ended up hooking over 20 fish, no a bad day. Tully get's new fish tomorrow. We grabbed some lunch and headed over to the Little Lehigh.The water was running around 90 cfs and in the low 50's,"Crystal Clear"  We sight fished from the…Read more

3-19-16 McMicheals Creek

Guided Kenny F. up on the McMichels Creek today, the water was clear and had dropped a bit from last week. The temp had climbed a few degrees from last weekend though. Kenny hooked over 60 fish today and I'm afraid he won't ever be able to get that smile off his face. Nice job today Kenny!  We fished with a couple other friends today, one happened to be Little Man Andrew D. I wanted him to add a piece to this blog, check it out! "Fished Mcmicheals Creek with Keith and Joe P. today, a…Read more

3-12-16 McMicheals Creek and Musconetcong River

Fished the McMichels Creek in PA today, water was up and clear. Temps were around 40*, bugs were on the move. We saw huge numbers of caddis, lots of stoneflies and what looked to be BWO's. The creek had been stocked a couple days ago and the fish were still schooled up in pod's. Joe P. Joe S. and I, each hooked over 50 fish, all of the fish caught were in the 11'' to 14" range. The only big fish we hooked were golden trout, which we did not land. Here is a shout out from…Read more