6-13-16 South Branch of the Raritan

I spent the Afternoon down in the Gorge with Kevin K. and his son Jack. It was Jacks first time out Fly Fishing. The conditions were prime, and the Fish were very user friendly. Dad and Lad started catching fish within the first few casts, and it didn't let up until dark. They hooked over 60 fish, it was an Awesome Trip. Looking forward to the next outing!  Read more

6-13-16 South Branch of the Raritan

While I was waiting for my clients this afternoon down in the Gorge. I ran into young Mathew, out with his father on his first fly fishing adventure. I couldn't help but notice that they were struggling to get the first bite. I offered my services for a bit, check out how Matt did!    I think he is hooked!Read more

6-11-16 South Branch of the Raritan

I headed down into the Gorge with Len this morning, he has been fly fishing for a couple years now and wanted to learn how to indicator Nymph. The water was down and clear, but had good temperature. Len picked up on how important line control was to fishing the Indicator. Didn't take him long and he had the drifts dialed in. It was a pleasure fishing you Len!  Read more

Memorial Day Weekend- Penns Creek Trip

Well, all I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!! Joe S. Andrew D. Ben D. Hugh G. and I, took a ride out to Penn's Creek over the Memorial Day weekend. We not only Had Great Weather, but we hit the Green Drake Hatch, which happened to be The best Hatch in over Ten years.(as per a dozen Local Anglers)  Nymphing action was slow through out most of the trip, it did pick up, down in the Weikert area by Monday. The Dry Fly fishing (Drakes) was unbelievable early morning and into dark. We had never hit…Read more

6-4-16 South Branch of the Raritan River

Met up with Andrew R. today in the Gorge for a second lesson. The conduction's were nice, a bit off color in the channels, water temp was 65* and overcast skies most of the day. Andrew picked up a new rod and reel and was itching to catch a few fish on it. For a beginner fly fishermen he is doing quite well. He is a perfectionist, so it didn't take long and he was hitting his Mark, with that came over 20 fish to the net. Awesome Job Bud!  Read more

5-21-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Just when I started thinking Bubba Brown might have disappeared for good, he decides to come out from under his rock, and eat a 22 bead head Pheasant tail and make my whole Season! He made his way into the Gorge so get out and see if you can find him. He is definitely a fish of a lifetime!  Read more

5-21-16 South Branch of the Raritan

I had the pleasure of Guiding two very nice, outdoor loving, women, today. Both Kelli and Phannee caught fish on dry flies as well as nymph's and Midges. I'm looking forward to another outing with these Ladies. Thanks for the Business!Read more

5-7-16 South Branch of the Raritan

I guided Fong W. in the Gorge today, the conditions were perfect. Fong has been fly fishing quite a few years now and is very proficient with his Equipment. He just wanted to tighten up his Indicator Nymphing skills, it didn't take long and Fong was into a bunch of fish. Always a pleasure spending time with Fong! Thanks for the Business!Read more

5-17-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Stopped a the South Branch last night and fished with a few friends. Recruited a future fly fishermen at Browns corner he help me reel the nice Rainbow in, His name is Little Gino Spigarelli and he is 6 years old, This was the second of two nice fish we tried to get to the bank. The other fish was close to 20 inches and Gino said he'd get him next trip.Read more

5-16-16 Tulpehocken Creek

Mark B and I headed out to the Tully this morning. We watched the water drop from 288 cfs down to 125 cfs in the first hour. That drove the fish in the deeper slots, and we dug a bunch of them up. Water Temps are still staying down which are keeping the hatches sporadic. Caddis were the bug of choice, down under and on top. Check out a few of the other species that wanted the Caddis.Read more