Catskills Trip 8-19 to 8-21-16

Joey S and I headed back up to the Catskills this weekend. We fished the West Branch on Friday afternoon. The fishing was steady we fooled a dozen fish before dark.  Got up early Saturday morning and fished the Beaver kill. The water was 64* and 285 CFS, Perfect! We landed between 15 and 20 fish, the largest was 14". Most of the fish were 8" to 11" with a good mix of wild Brown and Bows. Left the Rosco area about 10:30 and headed out to Deposit on the West Branch. We…Read more

8-6-16 PA Limestone Streams

I jumped around PA this weekend, fishing the Little Lehigh, Monocacy and the Bushkill Creek. They all fish very well, the Bushkill is still supporting a good number of hold over Bow's. Monocacy gave up 5 small wild Browns, and the LL produced these 3 Trophy's. Trico's were still coming off strong and the fish were on them.Read more

7-29 to 7-30-16 Catskills Trip

Joey S. and I headed back up to the West Branch this past weekend. The weather was perfect, clouds and rain off and on all weekend. We hooked dozens of fish between us. It was really tough getting the bigger fish landed, water was cold and they were all charged up. Light Cahill's, sulfur's and Trico's were hatching on the lower stretches of the West Branch. Weeds were not to bad down low, either. Heavy rains Saturday night swelled the river and added color. The big fish responded well to bigger bugs and we…Read more

7-20-16 PA Limestone Trip

Len and I headed over to PA this morning to get an early jump on the Trico hatch. It was an Awesome Day on the water! Air and Water temps stayed cool well into the afternoon. The fish were keyed in on the Trico's. Len hooked over a dozen fish with at least two 20 plus inchers on and lost. He landed 8 fish, 1 fish pushing 19 inches. Great Day out Bud! Thanks!Read more

7-9 to 7-10-16 Catskills trip

Joey S. and I spent the weekend up in  the Upper Delaware and Beaverkill area. Weather and water conditions were perfect. Cooler day time temps and cool wet nights kept the fish on the feed all day. Trico's were coming off all morning and then the Light Cahills started around 11:00 am. and went through the afternoon. Not a lot of surface action, but the fish were slashing heavy down in the slots. Can't wait to get back up and do it again!  Read more

7-10-16 Little Lehigh

Spent the day out in PA today, with Jay and Kevin. We fished a couple small limestone creeks in the Lehigh Valley area. Trico's were the bug of choice today! With the blast of Rain we got last night the creeks were prime, cool temps and a little color. The Boy's hooked a few really big fish, none made it to the net though. The fish were very charged up and were a real challenge on 7x. Great Day of Fishing! Looking forward to the next trip!Read more

7-2-16 Little Lehigh

Headed out into PA with David S. this morning, he wanted to hit a few Limestone Creeks in the Lehigh Valley area. David has been fly fishing a couple years now and is very proficient with his Equipment. Dave hooked at least a dozen fish, four of them were in the over twenty inch club! Great day on the water Dave! Looking forward to our next outing!  Read more

6-25 to 6-26-16 PA Limestoners

Fished PA Saturday all day, and half the day on Sunday. the waters were holding good temps all day. Landed over 30 fish on Saturday with two picture fish to the net. Had a good morning on Sunday, fish were hungry and were on the trico's till noon.Read more

6-22-16 Ken Lockwood Gorge and Point Mountain

Guided Joey B. today, we started out in the lower end of the gorge. It got pretty crowded within the first hour so we made a move over to Point Mtn. Joey landed 5 fish before we left the gorge, he picked up another 6 at Point before we finished up. Joey is just getting into the Fly Fishing scene and he picked it up pretty quickly. Thanks for the Business Joey!Read more

6-18 to 6-20-16 Penn’s Creek Trip

Headed out to Penn's Creek this past weekend with Joe S., Huge G. Joe P. We fished from Coburn down to Weikert, not a lot of bug action down low. Water temps ranged from 60* to 68.5* through out the river. the bigger fish were most active in the Poe Patti area. Can't wait to go back again!Read more