4-21-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge Guide Trip

Got to spend a few hours over lens shoulder today, down in the Gorge. He has really been Focused on getting his indicator nymphing  techniques solid. as you can see he is rock solid! Len landed 15 fish today and Lost a bow that stopped our hearts when it popped off. Gotta get them on to loose them Bud, we'll get him next time.  Always a pleasure Getting together Len thanks!Read more

4-11-17 Pennsylvania Guide Trip

Had the pleasure of guiding Mike, over on the Bushkill this afternoon.  He has been fly fishing a few years now and is catching a fair number of fish. He wanted to learn more about indicator Nymphing. Mike is very proficient with the fly rod and really picked up the technique quickly! Nice fishing with you Bud!Read more

4-9-17 South Branch Guide Trip

Headed into the Gorge this morning with Len, its been a few months since we fished together and Len wanted to spend a few hours brushing up on his indicator fishing. Didn't take him long and he was into a bunch of nice Bow's. Conditions were prime and Len was dialed in, Great day on the River!Read more

3-29-17 Tulpehocken Guide Trip

 Headed out to the Tully this morning with Mike M., he wanted to brush up on his Indicator nymph fishing. Mike currently is fishing 8.5' and 9' rods, I broke out a pair of 10' 4#s for the trip. I believe the 10' rods are the way to go on the bigger streams and when you are dealing with windy condition. It also makes Mending so much smoother. Mike hit the water running, he landed a fish on his first cast and was able to put another 25 in the net by the time we…Read more

3-9-17 South Branch Guide Trip

I was fortunate enough to spend the Day in the Gorge area, Guiding Alex and Mark from Hopewell. They have been fly fishing for a couple years now and wanted to fine tune their indicator fishing technique . After a quick run down of proper rigging and fly selection, these two were off to the races. Not sure how many fish were hooked or landed but it was a bunch. They were able to dig out a couple bigger fish in the mix. Over all it was an Awesome Day! Thanks Guy's!  Read more

5-5-17 South Branch Raritan

I had the pleasure of guiding Ryan G, up on the South Branch today. We hit the water at 9:30, the air temp was a balmy 17*, with water temp at 35*. Granted that doesn't sound like ideal fishing conditions but, with a warming Sun and A Die Hard Outdoorsman like Ryan, on the controlling end of the Fly Rod, the Fish were in trouble! After breaking the shelf ice free from the edge of the first pool, it didn't take him long to dig out this nice Wintered up Bow, along with close to a dozen other…Read more

2-26-17 Little Lehigh

Little Man Andrew D and I headed over to fish the Allentown area this afternoon. We landed  10 or so each with a couple picture fish mixed in. Always nice getting out with the "D" man!Read more

1-15-17 South Branch of the Raritan

Zach, Joey P and I headed out to the Califon area in search of one of the Bubba fish, that Shannon's Fly shop had stocked. We had fished a few areas on the upper stretches above Califon, over the past two weeks, with no encounters with a Tagged fish. Today, we tried a new stretch moving down closer to town. It wasn't long before Zach was into a big fish, and yes she was wearing some jewelry! Couldn't be prouder!Read more

12-30-16 South Branch of the Raritan

Joey S, Joe P and I spent the day on the South Branch today, morning temps were in the high 20's and warmed up into the 30's buy mid afternoon. We were able to dig out a dozen or more fish, with a few Nice late season Bow's coming to the net.  Read more

12-26-16 Central PA Trip

Joe S, Joey P and I headed out to State Collage area for a couple days to fish the Little J and Penn's Creek. The water conditions were fair, clear and a bit low. That didn't affect the fishing much though, not only did we catch a pile of fish but the big Boy's came out to join the Party. Can't wait till April, 4 days on Penn's!Read more