5-28-17 Point Mountain Guide Trip

Fished with Drew at the Point Mountain TCA this morning. The water and weather were perfect. Drew landed double digits with a few beautiful bows in the mix. Its always a pleasure fishing with Drew, Great Day on the Water!Read more

5-27-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge

Headed into the Gorge this afternoon to Guide Mark and his brother-in-Law, Pete. Marks second trip out in a week, Pete's first time out Fly Fishing. Gave Pete the run down on casting and Mending, showed him what the drift should look like. He was hooked up on his first cast, and landed the fish. Pete truly is a natural, his roll casting and Mending were spot on! Mark has also come leaps and bound in just a week, Both guy's were in to double digits by the end of the trip and…Read more

5-21-17 Point Mountain TCA

Fished Point Mountain this afternoon with Mark, was his first time fly fishing. After covering rigging and proper casting techniques Mark was off to the races. He landed the first few, lost a few and then finished up the day landing his last 5 in a row. Great afternoon on the water! Can't wait to get back out with him again!  Read more

5-21-17 Point Mountain TCA

Headed over to Point Mountain this morning with Gary, Rick and Andrew. Fishing was Hot right of the start, Andrew and Rich hooked up on their fist couple drifts. The action kept up all morning, everyone had double digits by the end of the trip. Gary hooked a real monster, was at least 24" and had to weigh 6 lbs. We'll get him next trip!Read more

5-19-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge

I met Ron and Gary down in the Gorge this morning, it was Ron's second trip out fly fishing. He landed a dozen fish and lost a handful of others. It was a pleasure spending the Morning with these guy's! Looking forward to the next trip!Read more

5-18-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge

Doug and I fished the Gorge this afternoon, he is coming along leaps and bounds with his casting and line control. Doug landed over 20 fish this trip, one really nice male rainbow. Always a pleasure Guiding Doug, Great Trip Bud!Read more

5-17-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge

Spent the Day in the Gorge with Mitch! It was Mitch's second time fly fishing and he was really getting the hang of roll casting and Mending. He landed his first 5 fish, I think that gave him the feeling that he was getting it. A Great Feeling I might Say! Mitch had a great morning landing at least 8 fish.  We stopped for some lunch and then took a walk a bit deeper into the Gorge. Mitch picked up another 6 fish before we stopped at one of my Favorite holes.This is where…Read more

5-16-17 Ken Lockwood Gorge

Len, Gary and I headed out to the Tully this morning, Len wanted to target Big Brown Trout. It didn't take long and he was into a nice 19" Brown, he managed to get it in the net a Pictures followed! We spent an hour fishing one of my favorite stretches, it produced 6 Trophy sized Browns and a few added treasures. Len landed a nice holdover Rainbow and his first ever Golden Trout. Gary Landed a Beautiful 24" male Brown in the same area. After stopping for some lunch  we headed to…Read more

4-29-17 Gorge Guide Trip with Doug and Cooper

Hooked up with Doug N. and his son, Cooper, this afternoon. We fished the middle of the Gorge for a few hours. First time with the fly rods for this Dad and Lad team, and they both were into fish the first half hour. Cooper landed at least 6, before heading out. Doug was into double digits by the end of the Trip. It was a Memorable Day for all three of us. Thanks Guys can't wait to do it again!Read more

4-22-17 Tulpehocken Guide Trip

Took a ride out to the Tully this morning with Gene, he wanted to jump the Delaware and venture into PA for a change of scenery. We fish a few different stretches today, started off on the upper portion of the river. Gene landed 6 fish in the first 10 casts, action was fast and furious! After landing his 16th fish we took a break to eat lunch and headed down river to another nice run. Didn't take long and Gene was into another dozen or more fish, with one big Brown coming to the…Read more