Joe P. and I headed out to the Little Lehigh today. We caught quite a few fish throughout the Day. The highlights of the trip were helping a few younger boys catch there first trout on the fly rod. We ran into the first Boy in the morning, he was sitting in a lawn chair playing his video game.
 He was there with his Mom and Dad, who were fishing. I asked him if he had ever caught a trout on a fly rod, and if he would like to catch one right now. Sydney said he had caught a few sunfish but no trout. It wasn’t long before he was reeling in his first Trout and it happened to be a Monster. Great Job Sydney!
We ran into two other Boys that were fishing, talked to them a bit a decided to help them catch there first trout on their fly rods. After a little re rigging and a few pointers the Boys were into a couple nice fish. Glad to be a part of the Memories!
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