Spent the Day in the Gorge with Mitch!
It was Mitch’s second time fly fishing and he was really getting the hang of roll casting and Mending. He landed his first 5 fish, I think that gave him the feeling that he was getting it. A Great Feeling I might Say! Mitch had a great morning landing at least 8 fish.
 We stopped for some lunch and then took a walk a bit deeper into the Gorge. Mitch picked up another 6 fish before we stopped at one of my Favorite holes.This is where Mitch and I almost made history, He hooked the biggest fist I have every seen in the Gorge, it was a Rainbow that was at least 30″ and had to be 10 lbs. Remember I said almost made History, the Giant broke him off after a great effort on Mitch’s part to land it. Next time the story may have a different ending!
Great Day of Fishing!